Home Daycare Provider, 1988-present: I am an experienced and qualified Day Care Teacher and ex-Daycare Center Director who, in 1988, became a home child care provider. As such I am responsible for care of children in my home. In addition to providing care, responsibilities include development of art, recreational, and educational activities. 

America West Child Care Provider, 1988-1995: I was responsible for care of children in my home as an independent contractor for America West Airlines. During this time I was selected for mentor programs of various Childcare Associations which aided in the training of new providers with the program.

Kinder Care Learning Center, 1984-1988: I progressed from a teacher for the 3 year old room to center director. As director I was responsible for all center operations. Received Best of Care award in 1986 for accomplishments with children ages six to twelve.

Kelly Childcare Provider

Kelly Childcare Provider

The Difference Home Daycare Makes

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to finding a childcare provider for your child. Traditional daycares, nannies and in-home daycares are some the most popular choices. In-home day care is where one person cares for a smaller number of kids in the comfort of their home.

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Lesley Wells

"My husband and I have been well pleased with the quality of care Kelly has provided to our son. She has been professional and kind throughout the entire time we kept our son with her. [...] When dealing with us, as parents, she has always been forthcoming and helpful, offering advice when we've asked, as she has several years of child care experience with preschool aged children. She has helped us through potty training, tantrums, the word 'no', and many other familiar parenting crisis." 

Diane Hanson

"Kelly takes great pride in providing a planned and structured routine for the children. She works with them in accomplishing simple tasks such as taking turns and sharing, as well as the more difficult tasks such as potty training. She engages the children in daily/weekly activities such as playtime, holiday arts and crafts, story telling, music, and baking (the sort of activities busy mom's dream of doing with their children). In addition, she teaches them colors, numbers and alphabet recognition."  

Kelly Stout

"Kelly is an amazing and caring person.She is very creative and has planned many activities for the kids. [...] She teaches the children responsibility. They clean up after themselves when they have taken out toys. She gets them prepared for preschool/kindergarten by showing, helping, and teaching them accountability."