The Difference Home Daycare Makes

As a former Daycare /Child care Center Teacher and later Director I know all too well how daycare centers work: the rooms divided by ages, the high ratio of kids to adults, and the practice of combining rooms/ages as kids go home. All of this has an affect on your child.

Rotation of teachers 

In a daycare center, as the day comes to an end, rooms are combined and teachers are sent home to keep payroll down. For example the few kids left in the 2-year old room are combined with the few left in the after school room, etc. This means your child can end up with a teacher they normally aren't with at the end of the day. There is also a high turn over rate within the occupation of daycare center teachers. At Kelly's Home Daycare your child will know only 2 teachers: myself and my backup. 

Daycare Germs 

Is your child getting sick from the daycare center? In the daycare profession we call this daycare crud. A large number of kids equals a lot of germs. This germ problem is made worse when there is an after school program at the center. This means your child isn't only going to daycare with the germs of other daycare kids, but also the germs after school kids bring from everyone at their school. Many kids take 2 years to work through and build an immunity to daycare crud. 

Home daycare has less kids, which greatly reduces this problem. If a kid does get sick, then the spread is quickly stopped as opposed to taking a long time to work its way through the whole daycare center.

Ooh the tips I can give after 30+ years